Topic List

Work day to work dinner transition
A thirty-one minute pumping session
Prepping for a trip to France
Why I only wear the super mom 3-in-one
Unexpected vessel stress test
Pumping during jury duty
It’s all about the vessels.
Which rig is the best rig?
Pink rig on-the-go.
Ooooo a pink rig
Pumping at the coffee shop
Woes of running late 
Testing out a cheaper rig
A walk-through of the day vessel 
Pumping on a day trip to/from LA/SF
Success! I brought home every last drop
Having a moment in a marble lobby
24 hours before departure
A run in with security and pink noise while pumping
A day in the life of pumping in Japan
Pumping on an international flight
Off to Japan with 84 pounds of luggage
A last minute dress rehearsal
Milk first, then ice
Pumping for 16 hours without access to a fridge or sink
5 days requires 1 gallon of thermos capacity
Zero Success Stories




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